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Remember VHS tapes? Tom Gregory sure does. The year was 1988, and Tom fell in love with video production when he purchased his first VHS camcorder. After a severe storm had ravaged his neighborhood, he filmed the damage. Feeling it was pretty good for a ‘rookie, he walked into the local ABC affiliate looking for an expert opinion. They loved it, and he landed an intern position on the spot. He absorbed the technical and creative sides of the business and was on his way to becoming the shooter/editor of choice for such companies as Time-Warner Ad Sales, The Creative Group,  and Phar-Mor Productions, where he became certified in both 16mm and 32mm film production.



After a decade of working in the industry, the entrepreneurial spirit struck, and Tom launched Gregoryfilms in 1998. The Youngstown, Ohio-based company rapidly expanded into one of the most successful video houses in the tri-state region, offering multi-camera studio and location production, aerial videography, a large green-screen studio, live-streaming, and creative services. With a roster of local, regional, and national clients in his pocket, Tom Gregory’s Gregoryfilms remains the ‘go-to’ production house for B2B, B2C, and nonprofit brands.

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