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You’re playing High School sports, and want to make it onto a college team. They want to see some video of you in action. There are national companies that will do this for you, and here’s the usual process: You send them the footage that you shoot, they edit the plays or times you select, and they put some graphics on screen, make a title page and sell this to you for an average cost of $590. If you want them to come and shoot some game footage, the cost goes way higher.
            Gregoryfilms is a local Youngstown production company, in business since 1998. We’ve done almost every type of sports productions including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, hockey, and tennis. Starting with producing the Youngstown Steelhound hockey games, we’ve done all the major sports in the area. We love shooting sports, and we’re offering just one package to make it simple:


     For a cost of $500.00, Gregoryfilms will:

  • Shoot you in action at any 1 game you choose.

            (We will attend a game of your choice (schedule permitting) to shoot you in action, not just a wide shot of the field.)

  • Shoot a personal interview with practice shots.

  • Edit in your own video of other games if you desire.

  • Post this video on our youtube page, and Provide a digital copy for you to post and upload anywhere.

  • Provide up to 10 DVD copies for mailing.


            College scouts and coaches want quick information, as clear and concise as can be. The first 2 to 3 minutes are critical, you want to keep their attention. If your video is boring or looks like all the other drab video’s that are sent to them, they’ll move on to the next one. Gregoryfilms will create an exciting production that will keep them interested, and will get right to the action quickly. A short 15 second introduction, and then they will see you in action, your best action. We also add in any important stats for the year on screen, and if you desire, they can hear your voice telling them why you’re the best choice.

            Gregoryfilms is a local company, so you’d be in direct contact with the owner AND would be supporting local Youngstown business! The project won’t be considered complete until you approve of the finished product. We’ve been here since 1998, and will be here for many years to come. Check out the reel we did for a baseball star, now playing at the College he was aiming for!

Contact us today!  330-261-2109 or

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