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You are watching a LIVE TEST of YCTV  -  Youngstown Christian Television



They help make YCTV possible!


Click here for YCTV created programming on demand  >>>

1 am

2 am

3 am

4 am

5 am

6 am                Ask The Preacher, episode #2

7 am                Grace To You – John Macarthur

8 am                Rising Star Baptist – Ken Donaldson

9 am                Sovereign Grace Chapel – Matt Mager

10am               Struthers Parkside – James Berkibile

11am               Truth For Life – Alister Begg

12 n                 YCTV Special Programming - Asbury Revival

1 pm                Steel Valley Church – Brent Beck

2 pm                Poland Village Baptist – Brian Ethridge

3 pm                Orwell UMC.

4 pm                Rising Star Baptist – Ken Donaldson

5 pm                Truth For Life – Alister Begg

6 pm                Struthers Parkside – James Berkibile

7 pm                Steel Valley Church – Brent Beck

8 pm                Cornerstone Presbyterian – Mark Beil

9 pm                Sovereign Grace Chapel – Matt Mager

10pm               Poland Village Baptist – Brian Ethridge

    Greetings from Youngstown Christian Television, a new start-up broadcasting venture based in Youngstown Ohio. What you are watching is the YCTV test run, and this is NOT being promoted to the public as of yet. YCTV will be a broadcasting company that promotes solid Biblical teaching and entertainment. We will be seen on WWW.YCTV.ORG for an unlimited audience potential 24/7. We plan on featuring full-length sermons at the top of the hour, and devotional, teaching video to fill the remaining time in that hour, if necessary. We have "borrowed" your church sermon videos from youtube or facebook pages to show you how this will all look and feel, and will not be included in the official public reveal unless we have your agreement and permission.

    We also plan on creating our own content with programs such as a live “Ask the Preacher” show that is currently shown on the YCTV test run. If you or someone in your church has an idea for a good Christian program, please contact us to discuss…we welcome any good idea! We have a large virtual-set studio ready for such use.

    We would like to offer you the opportunity to help launch YCTV and send out a solid Gospel message to north-east Ohio and the world by partnering with us and sponsoring YCTV on our website and in our programs.

    My own personal investment in this is twofold: For years I have had the desire to create a Broadcasting Network that has a solid message, without all of the fundraising techniques of traditional Christian TV.  YCTV will not have telethons, or sell any products to viewers. Our day to day operations costs will be paid by our church partners, and hopefully some long-term sponsors.

    Gregoryfilms Inc. has been is business since 1998, and will be handling all production of programming free of charge to YCTV. I have many years of broadcasting experience, including managing productions for the second largest Christian TV network in the United States.

Please feel free to contact me at 330-261-2109, or email at


Thomas E. Gregory

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